Sunday, May 6, 2007

Free downloads

I just can't get enough of free things on the net. Alright, for those that always searched for free downloads on the net without using peer to peer programs, check out this site!
It's the best site so far for me. I've downloaded anti spyware and from almost every kind of programs there. No viruses for sure, good company cnet is. I'm starting to sound like yoda:-p

If any of ya do find any places for free downloads kindly email me or comment on this article so I could update the list! Thanks!

Marketing Articles

Searching for free marketing articles? Well how many times have we stumbled into marketing articles which we can't assess? Alright, let's have a look at these links which are extremely informative and could be your next solution in creating a successful marketing campaign;)

::Guerilla Marketing Articles
You would have to subscribe for free but the contents in the articles is worth the subsription.

::About Marketing has lots of resources and is highly recommended.

::Marketing Today Featured Content
Get updates on marketing at marketing today. Lots of info on marketing by sections.

::Marketing Source Article Library
Read till you drop. Check out the articles library!

Free Web Tools and Web Templetes

What are web tools for? With web tools such as newsletters, classifieds, ads and counters for free, it makes our website looks professional. Although some of the web tools require the users to link back to their company but I don't mind as long as it's free hehe.

Some of the links below would also feature web templetes, although not of them are free but for new webmasters out there with certain proficiency with photoshop or flash, it's a good reference.
This company offers everything from web counters to newsletters and many more!

::Webtools 4free
It's free, offers the same tools like above

Pretty cool tools actually for example the online calculator and browser details.

Many links for webmasters to get free tools. Highly recommended.

Let's see which sites are good at templetes. Darn my internet connection is kinda slow at the moment. A south east asian broadband combined with wireless at home and sharing it with 4 people. Great. Nyway these are the sites I've come by with;

::Web Templetes Zone
Not all are free but do check out the free section. The templetes look great!

::Only Free Web Templetes
Another promising site;)

::Steve Templetes
Steve has many templetes at hand and checkout some links for other free templetes.

Open Source!

If you're a webmaster, and you love freebies, read on! Yes, I know that many of ya already heard of open source, but for those new webmasters, open source simply means free content or everything free.

So what does it do to benefit us? Guess what, imagine creating a website or portal all on your own where a hosting company could charge you as much as hundreds of dollars for designing, registration, setting up database and whatsoever. It's great but without proper knowledge on the open source platform then you are in trouble.

Try out these sites and explore them, it may help you save hundred of dollars:

Open source platform for building a website. Well for those aspiring new webmasters, you may ask, why not just register at geocities than joomla since it's more user friendly. Well, Joomla allows you to put your creativity into your website by creating new apps, imagine having a website just as efficient like those real estate webpages. lolz, the most important thing is that it's free.

Another open source similar to joomla, I would consider both em as efficient in creating portal webpages.
Lots of projects from financial to everything. It'll open your eyes, trust me.

I'll post more when I get to know more on open source. I've heard of free ecommerce open source. Now that would really save me big bucks. Till next time guys;)

Friday, May 4, 2007

Absolutely Free E-Books!!

I just can't help but write more on free information. It's like the moment you wanna click on that paypal to buy a book on a certain thing you need to know, a site comes up offering everything, absolutely free.

Check out this ebook site guys!! Imagine reading non stop materials all for free. Internet is a miracle.

::Free Ebooks Net
Lots of categories and rest assured, with the books on free ebooks net you won't die of boredom.

::Project Gutenberg
This site is more towards a library of electronically stored data. Lots of books too.

::E-book Directory
Another one with lotsa books in sorted categories.

::Free PDF eBooks
Some PDF ebooks for you to read. Not as much but who wouldnt want free content?

Extra links courtesy of unoffical orange, here are more free ebooks links:
Just free books

Learn Mandarin!

There has been some interest on the growth of China as an emerging economic powerhouse. For many south east asians like me we feel that the offical chinese language called mandarin would be of great importance in the next few years. I myself is a mixed Malaysian with a combination of malay, javanese and chinese descent.

Back to the topic, there are lots of mandarin books out there but well, for free info let's surf the net again and see what I can find on those free resources hehe..

::Mandarin Language Exchange
Reading those mandarin books alone lead to boredom sooner or later. Well, try this site, you can try out your skills by contacting pen pals all around the world. Everyone of em is kinda eager to learn the language I guess.

::Mandarin Tools
Warning. This site is extremely informative and addictive. I remembered once I spent hours on the flashcards just to get da chinese characters right and memorize them. I highly recommend this site to anyone;-)

::Chinese Characters
This site would be for advanced learners seeking to learn more of chinese characters and absorb all those hanyu pinyin knowledge into their head hehe

::Free Chinese Lessons
There are lots of information here on chinese lessons. Different from other sites, you can learn step by step. Recommended for beginners

That Funding Problem

I have always felt dismayed when observing someone on the street which chooses to be beg for money. Helping them to get out of poverty would be the best solution but how? It's almost the same for those who always comes out with the reason of 'no money' to startup a business. I am unsure of other countries but for today I'll post on the business funding anyone can secure be it young or old.

How many times have our apps been turned down by the bank only to realise we can't pursue our entrepreneurial dreams. Well, look no further for Malaysians, here are some of the lists which could help you secure your funding, without those interests crawling up into your sleeves.

But of course, you need to have a crystal clear business plan.

Alright before I start, there are many programmes available such as loans, grants, equity financing, venture capital and many more. Be sure to explore more on the information.

::Government Assisted Funding Programmes
There are lots of programmes here, from financial assistance by the government to the agencies. I can't help but wonder all the opportunities arising for us especially the agricultural sector.

::Private Sector Funding
From commercial banks to capital companies. All you need is a clear and convincing business plan. They should have thought me this when I was at primary school.

::Technopreneur Pre-Seed Programme
Opportunity for those technopreneurs out there. Write a good business plan, and receive 150k at least to startup your business. What more you get training and assisstance during your incubation period. To make it more interesting, the funding is not based on interest. Such assistance!

::National Unipreneur Programme
For university students, should you have ideas for business, contact them and you would get a free review. Probably even joining the pre seed programme!

After getting lists and lists of financial assisstance and reading many mags on sme banks, I believe there are more programmes in store for Malaysians. I would update on this soon